Our Leathers

Our Leathers


With its rich, burnished surface and distinctive texture, alligator skin is a natural selection for luxury leather goods. Andre Giroud sources our skins from the finest USA farm-raised alligator, selecting only the softest, most supple skins for our exclusive collection of accessories and personal leather goods.

Care instructions: To clean alligator skin, wipe away dust and dirt with a soft dry sponge or cloth. Store your alligator accessories in a cool dry place when not in use, avoiding excessive heat, water and direct sunlight. Hang belts from the buckle, rather than coiling them tightly. Leather conditioners can help maintain the skin’s lustrous appearance; products formulated for alligator and other exotic leathers can be found on-line and at leading department stores.


Even in the elite world of exotic leathers, stingray is a stand-out. The small calcium beads covering the surface of stingray leather give the skin a truly unique appearance, and stingray takes color exceptionally well – with many designs highlighting the contrast-color diamond shaped “crown” at the center of the skin. Though very light-weight, stingray is also extremely durable (it is 25 times stronger than cowhide), as well as naturally scratch- and water-resistant.

Care instructions: To clean it, use a soft, barely dampened cloth and wipe the stingray gently across its surface. Try not to rub too hard, as many times stingray leather skins are both dyed and surface painted, and a vigorous scrubbing can remove some of its color, giving it an uneven appearance.